Paul Stapersma from the Netherlands

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Paul received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science at the University of Twente. He's now studying for his Master’s Computer Science. When he finishes his studies, he would like to find a job in the databases field. "I don’t see myself as a future researcher since I lack writing talent. However, I do like the challenges I have faced during my graduation and I hope to find the same appealing challenges in my future job."  


I am graduating on the subject of mapping uncertain data from one uncertain database to another. Basically, an uncertain database is a data store with multiple possible representations of the data. If we would ask a database to answer a query or question, a traditional database would return one answer while an uncertain database would return a set of possible answers; one answer for each possible representation of the data. In the field of databases, there are two superpowers: relational databases and XML databases. The former has several uncertain database variants while the latter has none. My aim is to teach an uncertain relational database how to manage uncertain XML data.

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