Marije - Netherlands

Marije de Heus

Marije graduated with a BSc in Computer Science. She then chose the Master’s in Computer Science specializing in Software Engineering, because she liked the software engineering courses in her Bachelor’s. She stayed at the UT because of the friendly atmosphere. Before her Bachelor’s Marije feared that Computer Science might not be interesting for girls and only for geeks who like to programme through the night. “This is absolutely not true, it is fun to be a female student in Computer Science”.

I was given an assignment in which I had to investigate how readable the web is. There are algorithms that can calculate this for a given text. They return a score that indicates how many years of education a person would need to understand a text without difficulty; for example, if a text scores ‘5’ then an 11 year old (or older) can easily understand this text. The program I was working with was very large, too large for my laptop. So I was given the opportunity to run my program on a large cluster of computers. This cluster made it possible to return big results with little work. Some of my results were that a 12 year old can easily understand about 25% of the web and an 18 year old can comprehend 50% of the web with no problem at all. Such knowledge can be used for a search engine that is designed for children, in order to filter websites which are too difficult for their age.

Next, Marije will start her graduation project at a large software company in the Netherlands. Her project will be about making automatic course recommendations for high school students. Marije: “I like this project especially because the project has a clear practical application”.

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