Cristian Ciobotea from Romania

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I chose the University of Twente for many reasons. First, I wanted international experience. I was eager to meet people from around the world. Second, I am interested in science, particularly in informatics and data analysis. UT The felt like the right choice for me.

The Master’s in Computer Science here is extremely flexible, with many specialisations. I went for one that gave me the most liberty to choose all sorts of courses, such as security, databases, big data, and web services.

Study environment

The study environment is very effective and motivating. One reason is that most students here are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing. The campus is amazing. There are lots of activities and campus parties. I think Enschede is a great place to start your Dutch adventure and get to understand the Dutch way of life. I loved the people I met. In one year, I got to live with a German, a Chinese and a Canadian. Great guys. Of course, when we went out there were far more of us, literally from all over the world.

I knew studying abroad would be an eye-opening experience. Now, I think studying, working and/or living abroad, for at least a couple of years, is the only way to get a proper grasp of how things are in the world.

Dutch teaching and learning methods

Teaching and learning methods are really different in the Netherlands than they are in Romania, my home country. Teachers here give you a lot of freedom. Most of my lectures consisted mainly of active presentations and discussions. I poured most of my energy into the projects, which were mainly done in teams. I did not find exams difficult.  In my second year, I did an internship with a company in Amsterdam. It went very well and I stayed there to do my final project: optimising online and POS payments by choosing the right route for transactions.

Future plans

I should graduate soon. I haven’t had enough of this international experience, so my initial plan is to get to work in the Netherlands. That won’t be difficult for a technical person, especially in IT.  However, in the long run, I plan to return to Romania, as it is the place I call home.

I strongly recommend the University of Twente to upcoming Romanian students planning to study abroad. It is international, has high research standards, it is full of opportunities. And it is FUN!

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