Optics and Biophysics

The specialization in Optics and Biophysics of the Master’s programme in Applied Physics focuses on research into the properties of light and laser technologies and life processes.


Light is essential to life, science, and industry; its speed is proverbial and so is its elusiveness. Generating, manipulating and trapping photons and completely controlling their propagation and emission will have far-reaching consequences in a wide variety of scientific fields in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. It will give rise to quantum improvements in technologies that will be vital to our future society, such as efficient lighting, solar energy conversion, medical imaging and high-speed information networks. Such control of photons is not science fiction, but is the focus of advanced optics and the emerging field of nanophotonics. Here, light is manipulated by dielectric, metallic, molecular, and (non-linear) optical structures down to the nanoscale.

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The Optics and Biophysics specialization is the result of a unique alliance between renowned research groups.

The specialization offers you the opportunity to learn about and work on fundamental problems and cutting-edge applications in photonics and optical biophysics. We are involved in aspects of optics that range from fundamental quantum physics to studying life processes and the creation of industrial devices.


This specialization is ideal for those who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of optics & biophysics.

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