Pre-master's programme

Get support in choosing a master’s

Wish to follow the master's in Applied physics? Find out if you need to follow a Pre-Master's first.

After you have sent in your application for the Master's in Applied Physics, a committee will check your eligibility. An outcome of this assessment may be that you first have to complete a pre-master's before being admitted.

What is a pre-master's?

A pre-master's is a transfer programme for students of a Dutch university of applied sciences ('hbo' in Dutch) or an (international) research university who cannot be admitted directly to the master's they wish to follow. The goal is to bridge the gap between your current bachelor's (in a related field) and your future master's. Learn more about pre-master's in general

What applies to you?

Do you want to get insights into the Pre-Master's? The programme you need to take, depends on your previous or current education. What kind of education do or did you follow?

What is expected of you?

The Pre-Master's is designed not only to address any deficiencies in your prior knowledge, but it is also an effective way to find out whether studying at a research university is right for you. Therefore, the following rules apply:


For questions about your admission to this Pre-Master's, contact the coordinator mentioned below. For general information about the Master's in Applied Physics, you can contact our Study Information Centre.

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