Fluid Physics

Fluid Physics is one of the oldest and largest sub-disciplines of classical physics. The Applied Physics specialization in Fluid Physics focuses specifically on this field.


The fascinating phenomena that are encountered in liquids and gases, from the almost mathematical beauty of a droplet falling from a tap to the chaos of large-scale turbulence, have long challenged and continue to challenge some of the world’s best physicists, mathematicians and engineers.

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Fluid Physics is a key discipline in solving many issues at the forefront of the technological development of society. Future challenges for Fluid Physics range from large-scale phenomena such as fully developed turbulence in single and multiphase flow, through mesoscale phenomena like the behaviour of particles, bubbles, (bio-)polymers and even living cells within a flow, to the distinct mechanics of gases and liquids in the world of nano- and microfluidics. All of these challenges have a direct link to socially relevant issues such as flight safety, sustainable energy and greenhouse gases, lab-on-a-chip appliances for the synthesis and detection of substances in small quantities, the processing and mixing of granules in the pharmaceutical industry, inkjet printing, biofluids, and biomedical applications, to name just a few.


This specialization is interesting for Bachelor’s students who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of fluid physics.

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