If you are interested in the research field of Applied Physics and specifically in Applied Nanophotonics, NanoElectronic Materials, Physics of Fluid, Soft Matter or Energy Materials and Systems, then the Master’s programme at the University of Twente will be a perfect match.


If you wish to enrol, you must have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognized university or accredited academic institution in a discipline related to that of the Master’s programme Applied Physics such as (Applied) Physics. In case you have a background other than (Applied) Physics, you may be eligible after taking a 30-credit pre-Master’s programme. You can often take up the pre-Master’s programme as part of the minor for your Bachelor’s programme. Do note that your current Bachelor’s programme has to agree to you including the pre-Master in your curriculum. Be sure to ask about the possibilities beforehand. Some conditions may apply depending on your specific Bachelor’s degree. 

Eligibility check

Would you like to have an indication of your eligibility to be admitted to the Master’s programme Applied Physics? Please complete our eligibility check to find out more. 

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