Student Floor

Hi, my name is Floor. My Master’s programme is called Applied Physics and my specialization is Materials Physics. Before this, I did a bachelor’s degree at the University of Twente, also in Applied Physics.

In choosing where I would get my Master's degree, I focused only on universities in The Netherlands with technical disciplines. My decision for Twente was mostly based on my gut feeling because I felt very at home right away on our beautiful campus and I really liked the fact that the total amount of students in every year is relatively small. That way you’re on a first name basis with everyone, including the teachers, and they will generally have enough time to answer all your questions.

I chose this Master’s programme because I felt that I had developed a passion for Materials Physics during my Bachelor’s programme, and I also really wanted to stay at the same university so that I could stay with my friends and so I wouldn’t have to move away to a different place.

I can think of many examples of interesting courses and projects, but my favorite was actually one that is not on the regular course list. I spend 10 EC’s learning about Low Energy Electron Microscopy (LEEM) at a research group here at the University of Twente. I got to spend a lot of time in the lab which is exactly what I wanted and we even ended up writing a paper about the research that was conducted, very exciting!

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