Applied Physics

Student Carolien

Carolien Castenmiller

Hi, my name is Carolien and I am studying Applied Physics with the specialization Materials Physics. Before that I did the bachelor Applied Physics, also at the University of Twente.

When I was looking for a university to do my bachelor, I chose the University of Twente, because I liked the easy way that students and professors interacted. For example, when you have a question about an assignment, you can easily drop by the office of a professor. For my master I stayed in Enschede, because I was really interested in the Materials Physics track.

During my bachelor I really enjoyed courses like ‘Introduction to solid state physics’. I found out that I was interested in properties of materials at nanoscale and new possibilities of applications of these materials. This made the Materials Physics track a logical choice for me.

One of the courses I enjoyed the most up to now was ‘Modern topics in condensed matter physics’. For this course we had to read recent articles about five different topics of condensed matter physics and present them to the other students. This method ensured a lot of involvement of all the students and we gained up-to-date knowledge of current research topics. In particular, the discussions in response to the presentations were really interesting.

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