Upon graduating from IBA, you will be an academically trained, entrepreneurial and globally oriented junior level management professional. You will be competent in conducting research, designing and organising business solutions under supervision and ready to start an international business career. You might join a big corporation or multinational, participate in a startup or find your niche with a small to medium-sized enterprise. Your Bachelor’s degree will also be a perfect stepping stone towards further specialisation in an advanced Master’s level programme in business studies. Most graduates take this latter option, preferring to get a Master’s degree before entering the job market.

Learn more about career prospects and the job market for IBA graduates

Business Administration and other Master’s programmes

One of the things you can do with your bachelor's in International Business Administration, is taking a one-year or two-year Master's programme. An ideal choice is the Master's in Business Administration offered right here at the University of Twente.

There are also other Master's programmes that link up nicely to the IBA Bachelor’s programme. Check out our Master's programmes page for an overview of all UT Master’s courses. 

IBA is also an excellent stepping stone to other Master’s programmes at universities in the Netherlands and abroad. Our students often continue their studies at the most prestigious universities in Europe, or even further afield.

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