After the bachelor's programme

Career prospects of european public administration

Where can you work as a graduate of European Public Administration?

With a Bachelor’s degree in European Public Administration, you will join the ranks of the world’s leading experts in understanding the impact of technology on our society – and in helping to design ways in which communities and societies can face the challenges of our time with courage and creativity.

Depending on your interests, you might launch a career involving themes ranging from energy, sustainability and climate change to privacy, cybercrime, migration, healthcare or democratization. You will be able to approach themes like these from the perspectives of governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as businesses, citizen groups and other stakeholders. Our graduates work in cities, at the national level, but also in Europe and at a global scale. This means you will be able to pursue a broad range of career paths, from leadership and public management to administrative, research and consultancy roles. In all of this, you will make use of a unique set of tools:

  • An understanding of how technology is reshaping our society
  • The expertise and creativity to harness the potential of new technologies for positive ends
  • An affinity with technology experts and their field that will enable you instigate new solutions for re-engineering society
  • A broad, cross-disciplinary perspective on societal challenges and skilfulness in bringing different kinds of people together to create solutions for complex challenges
  • A personal drive to make the world a safer, cleaner, healthier and happier place
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