After the bachelor's programme

Career prospects of european public administration

Where can you work as a graduate of European Public Administration?

As a BSc or MSc of European Public Administration you have a lot going for you. You can tackle complex European administrative issues from an academic perspective, without losing sight of reality. You’ve developed the kind of mindset valued by almost any kind of organization. Demand for graduates with your kind of academic background is up and rising.


Government, research, business or non-profit

Many of our graduates find employment with national ministries, local authorities, consultancies, international bodies, enterprises, trade unions and humanitarian organizations. Some pursue an academic career, exploring European issues for a research institute, university or government research department. Others join one of the EU’s many agencies or lobbies. Wherever you go, part of your job will be to connect the complexities of European policy with local, national or global practice.

Research, management or design

The European Public Administration programme is designed to help you find out whether your strengths lie in research, management or design. In all three areas, job opportunities abound, as intimate knowledge of the EU’s inner workings has become a key requirement for many positions, and – with the increasing complexity of the European system – the demand for specialists in this field continues to grow.

Possibilities for international students

The University of Twente encourages international students start their career in the Netherlands. The Connect project will help you find appealing job opportunities to get your career off to a flying start. Read more about the Connect project.

Job examples

Here are some examples of positions our graduates have gone on to fill:

  • Researcher at a think tank in Brussels
  • A Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
  • Public affairs consultant for a large multinational
  • Specialist in EU subsidies for a Dutch provincial authority
  • Diplomat
  • Dutch MP
  • Mayor of a large municipality
  • Policy specialist for an international NGO
  • PhD student at a university

Christian Wagner on his work as a security and privacy policy manager

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