My name is Breazu Bogdan, I am 19 years old and I am from Bucharest, Romania. Since I was young my biggest dream was to become an engineer, as I was interested in computers, technology and electricity. I followed a prestigious high-school in my country, Gheorghe Sincai College, where I studied mathematics, informatics and physics. The four years spent in college expanded my horizons and made me want to take a big challenge for university.

Why the university of twente 

I discovered the University of Twente at the Romanian International University Fairs and I was just fascinated by the high-level educational system it offered and the unique American-style atmosphere offered by the campus. The choice was easy: I just felt like the University of Twente can help me the most in achieving my dream.

Since I arrived in the Netherlands I was impressed by the organization and the good management of the country. People are friendly and very good English-speakers. In terms of getting used to the Dutch lifestyle, the University assisted me a lot because the student services are very helpful.

Electrical engineering from my experience

The study is great. The study programme is up to date in terms of new high-tech development and product releases. We learn something new and useful every day. The learning method is also innovative, as we have lectures, practical labs and projects. So far really I enjoyed the subjects, the fact that we used our theoretical knowledges in real life situations (like studying the sound wave or making the software for the electromyogram device). So far the experience here was great and I totally recommend University of Twente to all my friends and acquaintances.

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