You are about to sign up for the Bachelor’s programme Electrical Engineering. You are to do this through the Studielink website.

The University of Twente works with different enrolment deadlines, according to the programme, your nationality and your previous education diploma. You can register from October if you want to start the course the following year in September. 

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You can sign up from October onwards.

Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from Student Services explaining the next steps.

Mandatory Study Check

We think it is important for you to choose a programme that suits you, so that you can complete your studies successfully. The compulsory Study Check is one of the tools we use for this. If you have enrolled via Studielink, we will invite you to take part in the Study Check. It consists of:

  • An online questionnaire that will help you figure out whether you have the right information and expectations about the programme, and whether this course really suits you (filling it in and sending it back to our Study Advisors is mandatory);
  • An individual interview: together, you and our Study Advisor will set a date for a personal interview to talk through your questionnaire answers. The advisor will also check whether you have taken part in orientation activities, such as the Open Days or our Student for a Day programme

1. Registration and required documents

  • Register: through Studielink. The deadline for registration is 1 May. After that the Electrical Engineering programme may still accept your application (Dutch and international students) if your participation in the required matching activities can still be arranged, and other applicable deadlines are met (e.g. for visas and housing for international students).
  • Required documents: Following your Studielink registration, you will receive an email asking you to send your intake documents to the Admission Office (by email). The email contains the complete list of documents needed.
  • Deadline for intake documents: within 4 weeks after registration in Studielink. If you fail to meet this deadline, we will cancel your application.

2. Matching

After receiving your intake documents, we will invite you to register for a matching event. If you are unable to attend this event, then we may be able to arrange a matching interview by Skype. 

The matching event dates (afternoon programme) for admission in 2018-2019 will be:

  • Tuesday 26 March 2019
  • Tuesday 28 May 2019
  • Tuesday 18 June 2019

Please, indicate on what date you want to join the matching event on campus (for Dutch students) or meeting by Skype (non-Dutch students) here.  

Registration/matching after 18th of June: What to do?

It will not be possible to join a matching event on campus anymore, but you still can apply. However, you will have to complete an online questionnaire (called: NOA), which is compulsory for all applicants; you will get this after registration in Studielink and your (preliminary) admission from Admission Office. You still can arrange a meeting with the study-adviser (on campus or skype), therefore please contact

Matching interview: The main part of the matching event is the matching interview. You will speak with a member of the Electrical Engineering intake committee to assess the match between you and the Electrical Engineering programme. Click here for more information.

Following your participation in the matching event (or the matching interview), you will receive a formal decision on your admission, and a recommendation on the match between you and the programme. A matching interview is required for admission to the programme.

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