My name is Jelle Scholten and I am currently a second year Communication Science student. I chose for the University of Twente because I thought the Twente Educational Model (TEM) would fit me. Also, after considering several universities, I chose to study nearby home (Hengelo).  I figured  that the TEM would put the theory of a scientific study into practice. So far we got to do six projects and there was one which really stood out for me.

In the second module we had to make a brochure for another study. The Marketing and Communication department of the university wanted us to help them out with making brochures for some of the studies at the UT. This project stood out for me because we got to put our theory directly to practice. And besides that: you were working on something in which you learned a lot of practical skills as well. We had to go through the process of making a brochure from start to end. The study my group made a brochure on was International Business Administration. We started with conducting a research to find all the information we would need.  Before we did that we learned the skills of interviewing people and it was very stimulating to use that in practice. Once we got that information we got to design the brochure, there we learned how to make things as attractive as possible. A skill I could directly use because in my spare time I like to work on graphic designing. It was very nice to see that we got to work with programs like Photoshop and Indesign as well.

Further, there was a more scientific related project in the fourth module. We had to choose a company for which we conducted a research to find out how their costumers think about them. Through the different forms of scientific design we made a survey and we went to Amersfoort to conduct these surveys. In the beginning I thought this was a really 'old' subject, which would take me more time than I thought was necessary. But now I’m half way my second year and found out that these kind of projects give me the confidence that I can tackle different kinds of problems just with the right way of analysing them. 

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