Our Bachelor’s in Communication Science is a three-year programme. On graduation, you will be given the title Bachelor of Science. With this degree, you can directly enter the Master’s programme Communication Studies at the UT. This Master’s connects seamlessly with the Bachelor’s. Both programmes are completely English-taught. You can also opt for a different Master’s programme at the UT or elsewhere, or head straight for the job market.

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Programme structure

During each module the team project, theory, research and the development of academic skills come together around a central theme. You will work on concrete, up-to-date problems and at the same time acquire insight into relevant, contemporary theories and models in the field of Communication Science. You will develop the skills necessary to carry out and interpret research. In this way you will not only be trained as a communication expert, but also as an all-round researcher. You will also learn to communicate convincingly about your own work, of course, always hitting the right note with the right target group.  

Star programme

Depending on your performance, you can be selected for a Star Programme. This programme is available in several modules. Participants receive an extra individual assignment related to the module’s theme. The idea is that you gain more insight into the theoretical background of the project, or learn additional skills. Every ‘star’ you receive will be mentioned in your diploma supplement.


We believe that as a communication professional you may be expected to be internationally and interculturally oriented. This is why in the third year we encourage you to spend time abroad or to do an internship. We have exchange programmes with foreign universities in countries such as Germany, the United States and Mexico. The module ‘A Better World’ focuses on the international context in which communication increasingly takes place.

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