Communication Science


The Communication Science programme has been set up using a Bachelor’s-Master’s structure. The Bachelor’s programme takes three years. If you complete it successfully, you get the Bachelor’s diploma and you can use the title Bachelor of Science. Each study year consists of four modules.

programme STRUCTURE

Each module consists of 10 weeks of education. You get one graded score for each module. Each graded score is the weighted average of a number of partial scores. You will have tests and assignments at various moments, making sure that the study load is well spread. You get partial scores for written individual tests, individual assignments and group assignments.

Below you can find the schedule (The schedule is subject to change. No rights may be derived from the information):  

Year 1 

  1. Going Viral
  2. Damage Control
  3. User Experience
  4. Persuasive Technology

More information about year 1.

Year 2

  1. Facilitating Technological Innovations
  2. The Privacy Paradox
  3. Communication bij Design
  4. Changing Organizations

More information about year 2.

Year 3

  1. minor
  2. minor
  3. A Better World
  4. Bachelor Thesis

More information about year 3.


During our Communication Science course, you will come across various types of education: projects, lectures, tutorials, practical work and self-study.


Depending on their individual performance, ambitious students will be invited to take part in a star programme, which can lead to a cum laude diploma.

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