Kim Böttcher

I had to choose which study I was going to do just last year. I was putting a lot of effort in finishing my high school in Bremen and besides that I had to find out which study would fit me.  I always wanted to go abroad to challenge myself, as I think that you gain a lot of experiences that you wouldn’t have if you stay in the country you are already familiar with. You can just learn personally and kind of grow as a person I think.

So I went to an information market organized by the ‘going abroad programme’ at my School. This is where I discovered the opportunity to study at the University of Twente. With that in the back of my head I searched on. I was looking for a social study and really soon I was convinced that Communication Science would fit me. Then the struggle of considering at which university I would study began. If you want to study at a German university you have to get really high grades and, as I said, I really wanted to go abroad. There were a few possibilities but eventually I looked again at studying in Enschede. Here I would be able to study Communication in a technical environment. It was the first year that Communication Science at the UT was taught entirely in English so that made it a lot easier to come here. I also figured that with the Twente Educational Model studying at the UT would give me a lot of practical experience and that would be an advantage once I would have to start looking for a job in a few years.

Now I am here for a few months and  it was much easier to adjust to living here than I thought in first place. In the Kick-In, the introduction week, it was easy to get to know everyone. Everybody spoke English and almost no one knew each other beforehand! The group is not that big and because we have to do a lot of work in project groups, I got to know everybody quickly.  The one thing I still want to do is learn the language. But further on it is so far so good here! 

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