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As a teenager, alumnus Bart de Jong already knew that he wanted to study Business & IT. "When I was in secondary school, I chose this educational programme without hesitation. Particularly the name appealed to me. Computer Science seemed too cold and Business Administration too soft. After starting the educational programme I knew that it was everything I had hoped it would be."

Automating processes

In his first year, Bart started coordinating study information meetings and individual orientation days at the University of Twente. "Immediately, I noticed some things that could stand to be improved. For example, students would arrive from Groningen for an individual orientation day and the information officer for students would not be present. Those students were then sent back to Groningen. It was clear to me that requests for individual orientation days had to be processed quicker, and that it had to be clear which student was doing what and when."

Initially, Bart started to develop a system for himself. But the system turned out to be so effective that it was soon used across the entire University of Twente. And so, the Information System was born: an all-encompassing online workflow system for processing information and communication tasks. The system has been developed further in recent years and can now be used to plan the tasks and individual orientation days, but also to organise workshops and trainings and to book cars. "The idea behind the system was to save everybody work."

The extremely popular system is now being used by about 700 people at the University of Twente, including staff and students. But the system is also being used at other universities and universities of applied sciences. "The best part is that universities are now using models that I designed. For now, my ambition is to do even more for current users and to have information reach prospective students even better. Current study information material is like an impenetrable forest of information for prospective students. We have to do better than this highly unappealing information."

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