During each module we are assigned one big project. The projects enable us to put into practice the theory we learn in the lectures. In our first year, we were assigned some projects commissioned by actual companies.

an app to share ideas

We share our fourth module with students in the Technical Computer Science programme. For this module's project, two companies that needed a web application. We had the task of putting one of the applications together for one of the companies. In the projects, we work in teams of five students. For this project, the teams had to be made up of two Business & IT students and three TCS students. Our project team chose to create a web application for ideas generated by students. It turns out that a lot of students have great ideas, but they are often unable to carry them out themselves, for example, because their idea does not quite correspond to their field of study. The app gives them an opportunity to share ideas. The plan is that someone who does work in the area in question can then take up the idea and carry it out.

Building an app from scratch using the SCRUM method

We worked according to a software development method called scrum. The goal was to hand in a piece of working application every week. We didn’t always manage to, but the client didn't mind too much, as long as we did make progress the next week.

We began by brainstorming about everything the web application should include. Then we made a sketch of what the website should look like. After we had designed the lay-out, we arranged a meeting with the client. During the meeting we asked the client what they thought the web application should include. After that, we showed them what we had already come up with and adapted the ‘requirements' for the web application to the client's needs.

Learning something new every week

Each week we learnt something new that we could then incorporate in the project. For example, we learnt how to draw up requirements, but also how to write the codes we needed to create the web application. It was an ideal project for us as Business & IT students, because we had to connect the client and the computer scientist, while also taking on the role of computer scientist ourselves.

For me, this has been a fun, challenging and educational way of practically applying the theory we learn in the lectures. At the end of a module you have a working product, and that really makes you feel that you are working towards a goal.

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