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Intercultural Competences mirco-module

Take charge of your future career and develop the skills of tomorrow’s world today!

Do you want to connect to people in an international setting? Do you want to start your future career prepared for the strongly interconnected world? Join our brand-new course on Intercultural Competences and learn intercultural teamwork in a multi-disciplinary, practical micro-module!

The Intercultural Competences micro-module is a collaboration between 7 universities within the ECIU network working together to give you the best education in a flexible and student-driven setup. Within 13 weeks and with a 2 or 3 ECTS study load, you will receive a professional and personal assessment of your intercultural competences level; insightful lectures from top experts within Europe; team-based coaching and a practical application of your skills within an international project about Citizen Science. This course is open for all ECIU university students and is completely free of charge.

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