PIN over IP / payment terminal

In the past, payment terminals for PIN transactions were usually connected to a telephone line (analogue or ISDN). Nowadays, it is also possible to connect the terminal through a network connection. For PIN transactions, a standard Internet connection is often sufficient. As a rule, transactions via a network connection are faster than via a telephone line. In addition, the costs for the connection are lower.

  • Requests

    A request can be made using the self-service portal.

  • Costs

    You can find more information about the costs on the self-service portal.

  • Conditions

    To be able to use this service, you have to have:

    • a certified payment terminal;
    • a registration as study association or be part of the UT organisation.
  • Delivery

    The connection is supplied after approximately 2 weeks.

  • Support

    For support, use the self-service portal and the manuals.

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