Network - general information about wired and wireless networks

For staff, students, guests and companies

The UT offers both a wired and a wireless network for use by students, staff, guests and companies established on campus. Before you can use the fixed network, though, you will have to register your workstation.

  • Registering your computer

    Wired network registration

    UT staff and students can make use of the wired network. Employee computers are registered automatically, others will have to arrange the registration themselves using the Self Registration Network (SRN) tool. This allows us to keep track of wired network usage for security reasons. 

    Commercial connection registration

    Companies located on campus can request access by way of a Local Loop connection. Click here for more information.

    Types of network

    Wired network

    All University buildings and student accommodation on campus are fitted with network jacks you can connect your PC to. If no network connection can be established, you can phone the Service Desk ICT to activate it.

    Wireless network (eduroam)

    Eduroam is the University of Twente wireless network. The eduroam system is in use by many other universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world as well, and being able to log onto eduroam on the University of Twente campus means you are able to use the networks of those other institutions as well. The eduroam network is available to all staff and students with a University of Twente ICT account. Temporary UT accounts only grant access to the UT campus network. On campus, access to the eduroam network is available within the University buildings, student accommodation and most of the UT premises. To use the eduroam network, keep to the wireless network manual (refer to the end of this page).

    Wireless network (Enschede_stad_van_nu)

    The Enschede city wireless network is also available on campus; no registration is required.

    Wireless network (UThings)

    The preferred network for wireless connections is eduroam, but there are devices that cannot connect because of the security settings. For the average "smart refrigerator" it is usually impossible to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise protected wireless network.

    Access to the UThings network is provided on a per-device basis. You can register the devices you want to connect by contacting the ICT Service Desk (employees can use this form). You need to provide the wireless MAC address of your device.

    The ICT Service Desk can be contacted by email at or by telephone at (+31 53 489) 5577.

  • Costs

    If you live on Campus UT, you pay a fee for the use of the UT-data network (fixed and/or wireless connection).  Please use your S-number or M-number to log on to the wireless connection in the O&O area and there are no additional costs.

  • Conditions

    To be able to use the network, you will have to agree with several codes of conduct

  • Delivery

    Wired internet connections should start working within 30 minutes of registration of your network adapter. If no wired network connection can be established after 30 minutes, it is possible the network connection has not been activated. Please contact the Service Desk ICT.

  • Support

    Support is available by way of a self-service page and manuals. If you have any further questions or wish to report any malfunctions, please contact the Service Desk ICT.

  • Supplementary Information

    Should a registered computer or notebook not be detected on the wired UT network for more than 28 consecutive days, its registration is automatically deleted. You will not be able to connect to the wired network with this computer or notebook until it is re-registered. Unregistered computers and notebooks that try to gain access to the wired network will be automatically placed in Quarantainenet.

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