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UT believes that everyone has uniquely great talents.

We aim to attract, develop and empower talent by creating an inspiring, stimulating, and inclusive environment where everyone can discover and use their talent(s). The UT wants to facilitate employees' continuous development so that they can take ownership of their professional development and career.

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As a member of UT staff, you face the challenge of optimally using your talents and continuously having to work on your development and career. As a manager, you face the challenge of getting the most out of yourself and the staff you are responsible for. As a researcher, you face the challenge of constantly trying to stand out of the crowd, and as a teacher, you face the challenge of providing high-quality education in keeping with modern-day standards. And all of this needs to happen in an international and dynamic environment.

Centre for training & development (CTD)

Each year, you can spend (at least) two (from 2024 onwards: three) days on your personal development: 'Development days'. These days can be used for a wide range of activities that contribute to your personal development and your employability in your current or a future position. 

The Center for Training and Development offers courses and training for various do-groups. Check out the Course finder to see the current offer. 

Career Development Centre (CDC)

The Career Development Center offers support throughout the different stages of your career. The CDC has a wide range of programmes and activities on offer to help. On their website, you can familiarize yourself with where you are now and how you can develop further or think about what the next step might be.

Additionally, the advisers at the Career Development Centre would be more than willing to have a personal advisory meeting with you to discuss the possible steps to move forward in your career or development.

Online learning platforms

There are also two online learning platforms, which all UT employees have access to

Study facilities

Following a study, training programme, or course can be an important impetus to the development of your career. The University of Twente has the vision that a faculty or service department should spend at least two percent of the total wages and salaries on the training and development of its staff members.

  • Regulations regarding continuing educationENNL

Doing a course on instruction

If your immediate superior instructs you to do a course, you are obliged to do this and are entitled to study leave and compensation of study costs. Study leave is, at any rate, granted for attending lectures and participating in examinations. Study costs, such as course and examination fees and the purchase of study material, are fully compensated. Travelling and accommodation costs are also compensated, in accordance with the Compensation Scheme Business Trips University of Twente. Your faculty or service department can also decide to make available more generous facilities in the sense of time or money, for example, if the lectures are held outside working hours.

Doing a course on request

You, too, can submit a request for compensation for study time and/or costs to the administrator of your faculty or service department at all times. This can be for a training programme in the context of your present job or a training programme in the context of your further career. Your faculty or service department subsequently assesses whether or not you receive compensation for study time and costs. A personal development plan may be useful in fitting in and making a reasonable case for the training programme of your choice. If the faculty or service department consents to your choice, it is advisable to lay down together the mutual rights and obligations in a study contract.


Please contact Sofia Boekholt if you have questions regarding courses:

S.P. Boekholt (Sofia)
S.P. Boekholt (Sofia)
Course Coordinator CDC

Please contact HR Services for any further questions. Tel 053 489 8011.

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