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Recognition and Rewards

What steps do we need to take to be the university where everyone feels recognised and rewarded? What is the unique UT-way of working for staff and students that connect us all and give us wings to soar, that makes us proud to be part of the People-First University of Technology? At UT, we want to recognise and reward everybody's talent and stimulate personal talent development. For all people within UT: scientists, teachers, support staff, and students.

Recognise and reward: room for everybody’s talent

The VSNU (Dutch association of universities) wants to make room for everyone’s talent in Dutch academia. Therefore, they set up the programme Recognition & Rewards. In this programme, the VSNU work with all universities, including UT, university medical centers, reputable research institutes and research funders on:

  • diversifying and vitalising career paths,
  • achieving balance between individuals and teams performance,
  • stimulating open science
  • stimulating academic leadership,
  • focusing on quality, creativity and content instead of quantity.

Recognition and rewards at UT: more than academics

At UT, we are taking this a step further. We will not only recognise and reward academics better and differently, but also all our teachers, support staff and students. Building on the principles and ambitions of UT’s mission, vision and strategy, Shaping 2030, the Shaping Expert Group Individuals and Teams supports the University of Twente in developing its people-first strategy through continuous dialogue in flourishing inclusion and diversity in education, research, valorisation, and leadership, on the road towards Open Science.

This expert group strives to create cohesion between ongoing projects and take advantage of our organisational flexibility teamwork, and an integral approach towards academic and support staff. In the Manifesto of this Shaping Expert Group, you can find 10 guiding principles for recognition and rewards at UT, more information about talent development and an explanation on the UT ambitions and  goals. Learn more about the SEG and their Manifesto.

How can I be more recognised and rewarded?

Together with you, we want to make our science and education better, our services healthier, our careers and opportunities boundaryless, and make our impact on society sustainable. We value having a dialogue with each other, inspiring each other, and sharing experiences and successes.

How can I develop my talent?

At UT, we consider it important that each employee continues to invest in their personal development and career. Each year, you can spend (at least) two days on your personal development. These days can be used for a wide range of activities which contribute to your personal development and your employability in your current or future position. UT offers multiple courses to further explore and develop your skills and talent. Please check out the range of courses offered


Do you want to know more about Recognition and Rewards or talent development in general at UT? Or do you have any improvements or ideas on this topic? Please, contact Annemiek Baars:

drs. A.M. Baars (Annemiek)
drs. A.M. Baars (Annemiek)
HR policy manager

For questions or ideas about the Shaping Expert Group, please contact our project lead, Jeroen Jansen:

J.P.M. Jansen (Jeroen)
J.P.M. Jansen (Jeroen)
Supporting Staff

Do you want to discuss personal experiences or problems related to recognition and rewards at UT? Please, contact our confidential advisors.  


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