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Last edit: 17 Nov 2022

At UT, we value equality, inclusiveness and accessibility.
Regardless of individual jobs or duties at UT, everyone's talents contribute to a safe, fair, inclusive, tech-enabled tomorrow. We are therefore committed to recognise and reward the talents of all people at our university: scientists, teachers, support staff and students. We encourage interaction and personal development leading to initiatives aimed at exploring and stimulating your talent(s).

Recognition and rewards: room for everybody’s talent

Recognition and rewards is not only within UT an important topic, but also on a national level. UNL wants to make room for everyone’s talent in Dutch academia. In the national programme Recognition & Rewards UNL works with all universities, including UT, university medical centres, reputable research institutes and research funders on:

  • diversifying and vitalising career paths,
  • achieving balance between individuals and teams performance,
  • stimulating open science
  • stimulating academic leadership,
  • focusing on quality, creativity and content instead of quantity

As UT we go one step further in committing ourselves in rewarding not only academic staff but also supporting staff. In this we even are a leading example for other universities.   

Recognition and rewards at UT: more than academics

But we are taking recognition and rewards a step further: we will not online recognise and rewards academics better and differently, but also our teachers, support staff and students. The Shaping Expert Group Individuals and Teams supports the University of Twente by organising a continuous dialogue on flourishing inclusion and diversity in education, research, valorisation, and leadership, on the road towards Open Science. On the basis of these round table discussions, the SEG will discover the current situation regarding Recognition and rewards and will make recommendations on how we can secure that everyone feels that their talents are recognised and rewarded in an equal manner. This expert group strives to create cohesion between ongoing projects and take advantage of our organisational flexibility teamwork, and integral approach towards academic and support staff. In the Manifesto of this Shaping Expert Group, you can find 10 guiding principles for recognition and rewards at UT, more information about talent development and an explanation of the UT ambitions and goals. Learn more about the SEG and their Manifesto.

What can you do to boost your talents

As the ultimate people-first university of technology, we invest in your talents of that of your team members. Our aim and approach is to attract, develop and empower everyone’s talent by creating an inspiring, stimulating and inclusive environment. Together with you, we want to make our science and education better, our services healthier, our careers and opportunities boundaryless,. We value having a dialogue with each other, inspiring each other and sharing experiences and successes.But we also work in interdisciplinary groups to combine efforts and create the necessary tools or guide the process to make sure we can make an impact on how someone is recognized and reward and can set their own career path.

Attract, getting started together

From the moment you see a job advertisement on the career website we are on a journey together. We want you to feel at home and nourished from the moment you walk through the door. During your orientation before coming to UT and your onboarding (the first 100 days). We focus on ensuring that you have a clear and correct understanding of working and the atmosphere at UT. 

Develop, stimulating lifelong learning

We create conditions in which the talents of every employee can be explored and developed. By creating a life-long learning environment, we make our employees aware of their talents and give them the opportunity to flourish. There are some tools that you can use to develop your talent. As UT we also have conversations with you about your development, this can be in team development courses or during your annual review.

  • Teaching Culture Survey

    The Teaching Cultures Survey is a global survey, looking to understand how the status of teaching and learning is viewed by the academic community. Three cross-section surveys are being undertaken in all (2019, 2022, 2024). The survey is undertaken as a collaboration between the participating institutions and Advancing Teaching, a global initiative focused on improving the reward of university teaching. The results of this survey gives us important information about our own teaching culture at the UT and can help us create a balance between research and teaching that does justice to all talents and efforts.

    UT Teaching Culture Survey results
  • Impact Narrative

    Rewarding and Recognising Teaching is high on the agenda both nationally and within the University of Twente. Recently, people from various sections of the UT have actively contributed ideas in working groups for the practical implementation of rewarding and recognising education as part of career development. This group initiated the experiment to use an ‘Impact Narrative’ for promotions in education. The purpose of the Impact Narrative experiment is to provide more practical tools for rewarding and recognising education.

    Impact Narrative is a description of your impact on education at several levels (from student-level to university-level) using the University of Twente Teaching Framework. In the Impact Narrative, the candidate describes his or her plans for future impact in education related to the promotion criteria, with the objective of being promoted in a timeframe of 2-3 years. The Impact Narrative can be the basis for a constructive discussion between the candidate and the evaluation committee about this impact, complementary to the (regular) quantitative measures of educational output.

Lead, growing talent through interaction

We support leadership of you yourself, others and the system around you. UT boosts and encourages interaction between you and the people you work with. That leads to initiatives which focus on exploring  and stimulating a person’s talent(s). We engage in continuous mentoring and future-proof leadership development, in line with digitalisation and people-oriented inclusive leadership skills.


Do you want to know more about Recognition and Rewards or talent development in general at UT? Please contact your HR contact.

Do you have any suggestions for the Shaping Expert Group? Please contact Jeroen Jansen:

J.P.M. Jansen (Jeroen)
J.P.M. Jansen (Jeroen)
Supporting Staff

Or do you have any improvements or ideas on this topic? Please, contact Annemiek Baars:

drs. A.M. Baars (Annemiek)
drs. A.M. Baars (Annemiek)
HR policy manager

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