Centre for Training & Development (CTD)

The UT strongly believes in recruiting, developing and challenging talented employees. A wide range of courses, training and coaching is designed specifically for scientists and support staff. For PhD students, we have made an attractive training program. Explore your options on this site.

Each year, you can spend (at least) two days on your personal development; 'Development days'. These days can be used for a wide range of activities which contribute to your personal development and your employability in your current or future position. You can, for instance, use these days for any of the internal development opportunities offered by the UT, for a short-term internship in a different position, to attend conferences or external training courses, or to participate in other training activities. See for all information this website.

It is also possible to follow online training courses via the 2 existing platforms of the UT, via GoodHabitz and Futurelearn. For PhDs, keep in mind that GoodHabitz does not issue a certificate and therefore no ECs.

In addition to personal development, vitality and movement are also very important. Check out the website of the Sports Centre where you can find all the info about the sports options.

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