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Development days


At the UT, we consider it important that each employee continues to invest in their personal development and career. This view is supported by our collective labour agreement, in which sustainable employability is as a major theme. This is expressed, amongst others, through our development days.

Each year, you can spend (at least) two (from 2024 onwards: three) days on your personal development (development days). These days can be used for a wide range of activities which contribute to your personal development and your employability in your current or future position. You can, for instance, use these days for any of the internal development opportunities offered by UT, for a short-term internship in a different position, to attend conferences or external training courses, or to participate in other training activities.

You can find more information about the training courses offered by the UT on this website. For information about other development opportunities offered by the UT, please visit the Course finder website.

How will you be using these days?

Please consult your superior regarding the way you wish to use your development days. A perfect time to do this would, for example, be during your annual performance appraisal.

More information

These development days cannot be sold in the optional model for employment conditions (KAT). They are explicitly intended to enable you to further your personal development. For more information, please consult article 6.10 of the collective labour agreement of Dutch Universities. If you have any further questions regarding the development days, please contact your department’s HR advisor.