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Futurelearn platform


FutureLearn is an international company and partner of the UT. FutureLearn is also an online learning platform where universities and other renowned knowledge institutions offer all kinds of courses. The key difference with GoodHabitz is that the FutureLearn courses are generally more specific, delve deeper into the material, and require a more significant time investment from the participant. The available courses are, just as with GoodHabitz, very numerous and are grouped by theme. Everyone will be able to find something that piques their interest. Find out more about areas such as business & management, nature & environment, politics, technology & programming, health & psychology, and law.


Employees can create an account for free and take online courses. Before making a test in an online course and qualifying for an official certificate, we will register your information and the UT will pay the course fee (only for short courses) to FutureLearn.

In such cases, please make sure to send an email to telt@utwente.nl with the title of the course you would like to take.