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Symposium: Systemic risks and societal resilience

UTwente Symposium:  Understanding and managing (systemic) risks in turbulent times: Climate, markets and culture

An event of the UTwente Working Group on Risks and Societal Resilience as part of the Resilience@UT programme

Thu. 15 Feb. 2024,  9.00 – 12.00 (followed by an informal discussion until 12.30)
Location: University of Twente, Langezijds 2312  (Blended event)
Invited: UTwente staff and students - registration requested (see below) 

Systemic risks are those associated most notably with financial crises, pandemics, and extreme weather events leading to disasters. Through interlinkages and feedback loops, these events can trigger a domino effect of societal and environmental disruptions.  However, the way cultures are set up determines how risks are understood and addressed.

The University of Twente working group on risks and societal resilience invites interested UT staff to a symposium to share topics of interest and explore opportunities for working together on this theme. 

 The goals of this symposium are to: 


9:00   Welcome and Introduction 

Caroline van Bers (SBD) Resilience@UT programme

Systemic risks: what are they and how do they link to our work?

Ekaterina Svetlova, UT-BMS, Financial Engineering Group

Systemic risks and effects associated with climate, markets and cultures

- Spatial Finance, Adriano Barasal Morales, UT-ITC, Dept. of Natural Resources and Centre for Disaster Resilience
- Value and valuation, Marija Bockarjova, UT-ITC, Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management
- Long-term resilience of civilizations, Athanasios Votsis, UT-BMS, Governance and Technology for Sustainability (CSTM)


10.00     Refreshments and getting to know each other activity

10:30     Impulse talks

Systemic risks in a rapidly changing climate: early warning, responses and strengthening systems
Maarten van Aalst, Director General and Chief Science Officer, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and Professor of Climate and Disaster Resilience,  Dept. of Applied Earth Systems, Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente

Economic modeling for natural hazards: the role of infrastructure systems
Elco Koks, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Water and Climate Risk Group, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Auditing systemic risks for effective and efficient public performance: examples Netherlands Court of Audit
Egbert Jongsma, Audit Manager, Netherlands Court of Audit

Auditing flood risk management
Emmy Bergsma, Senior Researcher, Netherlands Court of Audit

11:20  Grant Opportunities

European Programmes - Anke Marit Albers (UT-SBD)
Climate Centre Seed Funding - Cheryl de Boer (UT-ITC)
VU-UT Seed funding - Caroline van Bers (UT-SBD)

11:45  Common themes of interest and next steps

12.00 Wrap up

12.00 - 12.30  Informal discussions

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Working group on Risks and Societal Resilience

Related interests: indirect disaster impacts, valuation of (climate change) risk, non-market valuation 

Related Interests: risk reporting, perception and communication

Related Interests: Spatial finance related to climate and environmental factors supported by geoinformation tools, parametric insurance

Related interests: urban economics, spatial organization and the environment; cultural and long-term dimensions of risk and resilience


Resilience@UT programme, Strategic Business Development