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Building blocks for a strong profile

Researchers of the University of Twente continuously come up with high-profile interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of various fields of study. This concerns the following disciplines: Biomedical Technology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Educational Science, Electrical Engineering, Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Public Administration.

The research in these fields of study is structured in various ways. This is done within the five research institutes, but also within various faculty research programmes.  


Our departments fall directly under the responsibility of the faculties. Below, you will find an overview of all departments, sorted by faculty. On this basis, most faculties offer a summary of disciplines:

A full list of research department names is also available in the research information system: https://research.utwente.nl/en/organisations/