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2020 calls more than ever for science and society to cooperate, so we can help people face the challenges of both today and tomorrow. At DesignLab, exactly this is what drives us. In the magazine Futures we selected some of the best stories that show how much impact we can make if we all join forces. Let's connect!

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Whether you’re a scholar, student, entrepreneur or citizen with a bright idea: Join us, and explore how we can turn ideas into impact. Together 🌟

Part of the University of Twente

The University of Twente is a frontrunner in socially-relevant technological developments, fueled by the presence of a combination of technical and social sciences: High Tech Human Touch. This vision is encouraged by the environment that is explicitly designed for multidisciplinary design-oriented challenges, in which scientific knowledge is connected with societal problems and challenges: DesignLab.  

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The DreamTeam is our student team with the green-beating heart, running the daily business of DesignLab. Contact us for operational questions about DesignLab (or to exchange brilliant new ideas!)

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