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Welcome to designlab! but what is it?

DesignLab is a creative and cross-disciplinary ecosystem at the University of Twente, connecting science and society through design. Faculty and students from all fields work together with companies and governments to implement and develop scientific and technological insights that can be used in finding and shaping creative, innovative and meaningful solutions for complex societal challenges. Top talents from engineering, natural science, social science and the humanities join forces to take on the wicked problems of tomorrow’s world, using their creativity to bring science to design for society.

magazine special designlab

The DesignLab magazine special by UToday is a great first step to get acquainted with the exciting possibilities of our multidisciplinary lab. Read it online now! 



DesignLab aims to facilitate and encourage co-operation with companies, social organisations, faculties and students and assists as a centre of expertise by stimulating creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. By combining creative design skills with scientific knowledge, the ability to anticipate on all social dimensions of new technologies is established.


DesignLab shapes its role as a platform for multidisciplinary co-operation, innovation, and creativity by providing an optimal infrastructure for research and education centred on multidisciplinary research and design. It allows researchers to work on multidisciplinary projects that translate science to society, as well as allow them to use the facilities for ideation, interaction, prototyping and testing. Study programmes can use DesignLab for education in which science and technology are explicitly connected to societal challenges and implications through design.

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The University of Twente is a frontrunner in socially-relevant technological developments, fueled by the presence of a combination of technical and social sciences: High Tech Human Touch. This vision is encouraged by the environment that is explicitly designed for multidisciplinary design oriented challenges, in which scientific knowledge is connected with societal problems and challenges: The DesignLab. Want to know more about DesignLab and our facilities? Take a look around or join us for a cup of coffee!