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Simulation & Training Centre

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The Simulation Centre forms the heart of the TechMed Centre.

Its simulated environment is used by our educational programmes as a safe learning environment where students can experiment, make mistakes and learn. It’s not just a “skills lab”, but a holistic environment where students learn to approach problems using their skills, knowledge and attitude. It consists of various simulated healthcare environments, ranging from operating rooms, intensive care units to a simulated house environment. All sessions can be captured using state of the art monitoring equipment and software, which is used in debriefing rooms to evaluate the scenarios.

Phantoms and simulators

Additionally, the centre employs a wide variety of sophisticated phantoms and simulators, that can be used depending on the desired learning outcomes. For example, advanced endovascular simulators are used in partnership with the Dutch Society for Vascular Surgery to assess vascular surgery residents in the last two years of their differentiation during the annual CASH-3 Vasculair sessions. The centre’s staff collaborates with both professional societies and clinical institutions to change the way in which we train medical professionals

Contact TechMed Simulation Centre

For question about the use and availability of rooms and/or equipment in the TechMed Simulation Centre:

Reception TL 2146
Tel: +31 53 489 3627
Email: simulation-techmed@utwente.nl

TechMed Simulation Centre