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The University of Twente is committed to creating an inspiring environment for young scientists, who are at the beginning of a promising academic career and offering them the opportunity to reach their full potential by actively shaping the UT. For this purpose, the Young Academy Twente (YAT) was established in 2011, following the example of the Young Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences.

OUR mission

Our mission is to build a community of early career academics, facilitate a learning platform for academic leadership, and strengthen the societal impact of our university.

As an advocate for the interests of early career academics, we:

To this end, our activities for 2023-2024 are centred around four themes:

  1. Team science: Organising events for the UT young academic community | supported by all five faculties.
  2. Talent recognition and development: Working on implementation of Ius Promovendi position paper advice |Think along with R&R team on career paths Participation in the UT Prizes and Awards committee| Participation in the working group on starters- and incentive grants.
  3. Education: Join discussion on implementation of new Educational Vision | Think along with R&R team on education career paths | Building and maintaining an education community for young talent by installing new lunch series.
  4. Internal and external networks: Coordinating implementation of our work plan| engaging with other Dutch local Young Academies including organising a local YA meeting | reaching out to internal and external stakeholders to strengthen our contribution and story.


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