Online Open Day: a first glimpse of the University of Twente

Not every student has the opportunity to explore the potential next steps in his or her study career in real-life. So why not make use of all opportunities digitalization is offering us? The University of Twente held its first Online Open Day on Wednesday 16 May, with around 1,000 potential students catching a first glimpse of the UT. It gave them the chance to hear, see and discover everything that might be helpful for a solid choice for a future bachelor or master programme.


Visitors were able to chat to staff members, hear from students about their experience and virtually explore our campus from the comfort of their home. From interactive maps with 360° videos and pictures to individual chats and panel discussions: the day programme of the Open Online Day offered plenty to discover. This was also reflected by the user statistics of the day, showing that users spend one hour and a half on average watching panel discussions. As expected, a lot of visitors from abroad took part in the programme, but there was also a substantial amount of Dutch users experiencing the Online Open Day.

Exploring opportunities

Rana Gabriel Taquini, International Communications Officer at the University of Twente and project leader of the Online Open Day: “It has been an exciting challenge to find our way in the numerous possibilities a digital environment has to offer. There is a large group of potential students that does not have the opportunity to visit a regular open day because of travel time and costs. In this way, we have still been able to provide them a clear view on what studying in Twente is all about.”

On the website of the Online Open Day, you can still check the virtual map, 360° content and read through information dossiers about the topics that were covered during the panel discussions.