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Remarks on the ‘Toekomstbestendige luchtvaart voor Nederland’ manifesto

In recent weeks, we have received some questions about our commitment to the ‘Toekomstbestendige luchtvaart voor Nederland’ manifesto. We would like to provide further clarification on how we relate to this.


We endorse the broad objective of cleaner and quieter aviation as described in this manifesto, whereby we have explicitly committed ourselves to one of the ambitions, namely the realisation of an 'innovative aviation'; commitment 9 in the manifesto, which forms the basis for a joint action agenda to be developed. It should be clear that, given our specific focus and limited role within the cooperation with parties in and around the aviation industry, we have no judgment on the details of the other commitments.

We underline our commitment to the specific ambition for innovation, and the broad ambition for cleaner and quieter aviation as a whole, by contributing with education and research activities. We do so through our participation in a number of national and international (research) programmes. In the further detailing of the Innovative Aviation ambition, you can read more about the efforts we, together with other partners, are making.


Flying has a great impact on climate and the environment. Encouraging technical innovation alone is insufficient; we will also have to work on demand reduction to reduce unnecessary flight movements. We have also taken initiatives to this end within our own university, among which travelling by train for distances shorter than 800 kilometres is now the norm.


The urgency of the issue requires all parties to take steps in the right direction. We are convinced that by bringing initiatives together, we will make faster and bigger steps in this than on the basis of each on its own. The effort we make as one of the knowledge institutions involved acts as a driver of ambition and realisation.

Now and in the future, we will continue our efforts with relevant education, research and valorisation activities to accelerate innovation in the sector, in the interest of cleaner and quieter aviation.

L.P.W. van der Velde MSc (Laurens)
Spokesperson Executive Board (EB)