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Leaving service

If your work will soon cease, there are several things which you have to arrange for. What you will need to arrange depends on the reasons for and the situation following your dismissal. It may be that you hand in your notice yourself in order to start working for a different employer or to start your own company. Another possibility could be that your temporary employment contract with the UT is ending, but you have not yet found a new job. 

If you are still in possession of UT property, you are required to hand these in on your last working day. Examples include your staff ID card, NS Business Card, telephone, laptop and tablet.

If you are part of the administrative and support staff, LISA will cancel your ICT account thirty days after your last working day. Academic staff are given a period of one year before their account is cancelled.

As soon as your employment contract with the UT terminates, it will no longer be possible for you to participate in group healthcare insurance with Menzis. There are exceptions for (early) retirement or full incapacity for work. In all other situations, you need to contact Menzis yourself in order to continue your healthcare insurance on a different basis.

Ceasing work could mean that your pension build-up with the General Pension Fund for Public Employees (ABP) is halted. If, immediately after your dismissal, you start a new job with a different employer in the public sector (government and education), you will continue to build up pension savings with ABP. This is often also the case if, after your dismissal, you have a right to an unemployment benefit or an invalidity benefit. If your new employer does not offer a pension scheme or if you're starting your own company, it is sometimes possible to voluntarily build up pension with ABP for a maximum period of three years.

If you have an Anw shortfall insurance policy with elipsLife, the insurance will cease if your contract with the UT terminates. You must report this within one month after termination of your contract by sending an e-mail to . Your email should state your policy number, name, address and place of residence. Optionally, you can request for a quotation for continuation of the insurance via this same email address.