Redundant electronic equipment (e-waste)

The University of Twente has an e-waste regulation which allows you to take over redundant personal electronic equipment such as smartphones and PCs. As of April 2019 the implementation of this regulation has been simplified.

How to apply for a takeover

Through the LISA self-service portal (menu: eWaste) you apply for the takeover. In the self-service Portal you will find the current costs for takeover of equiment that's registered on your name. The acquisition amount is more justly determined because it is deducted on a monthly basis and no longer on an annual basis. Permission and payment is arranged automatically. After approval you will be invited to hand in the device at LISA. LISA removes UT software and data in accordance with the security and privacy rules from the UT.
After this the device is yours and you receive the proof of ownership. 

How costs are calculated

Please view the Regulation on complete electronic personal equipment (short: e-waste regulation) for more details on how the takeover costs are calulated based the age the type of equipment. 

Removing UT software

If the device is equipped with an UT Windows operating system, it will be removed as login with UT account is not available anymore after takeover. The ICT Service Desk can place a temporary Windows Home edition on your computer. To keep using the Windows Home edition, you need a license for that. A Windows license code/upgrade for your Windows Home is available for employees for about €20,- on

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