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Sustainability Dialogue in-depth session #1 Education for Climate and Sustainability

We are excited to invite you to the first in-depth Sustainability Dialogue on the theme of Education for Climate and Sustainability. 

Overarching Goals of the Sustainability Dialogue

  1. to discuss how we as UT contribute to "the development of a fair, sustainable and digital society between now and 2030" (from Shaping 2030
  2. to ensure we honour the imperative for change and action on climate and sustainability coming from invested UT community members (bottom-up, grass-roots) 

Education for Climate and Sustainability

This first in-depth dialogue aims to bring together students, staff, experts, and invested community members in sustainability to discuss the role of education in addressing the climate crisis and promoting a fair, just and sustainable future. 

The dialogue will provide a platform for participants to share their experiences, ideas, best practices and questions related to integrating sustainability into education. We will discuss topics such as the importance of incorporating sustainability in curriculum development, dedicated climate crisis courses for students and climate training for staff, the role of educators in promoting sustainable practices on campus, decolonising education (and what that means), and the need for collaboration between institutions and stakeholders to achieve sustainability goals. 

We also revisited and updated the summary of the kick-off. This updated summary forms the inspiration and backdrop. Thank you to those who got in touch with us last time regarding missing elements.  

We need your expertise and (lived) experience to make this dialogue valuable and meaningful and would be honoured if you could join us. We therefore warmly welcome you to join this ‘Sustainability Dialogue’ session on Thursday 6 April, from 15:45-17:45: DesignLab: IDEATE and share your thoughts with us.

Join the Sustainability Dialogue session on Thursday 6 April, 15:45-17:45h in DesignLab: IDEATE
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Please confirm your presence and sign up by 31 March. For more details, feel free to contact us!

Upcoming sessions

This is the first in-depth dialogue out of five total sessions (followed by a final sixth executive action session). 

Mark the following dates in your agenda:

  • April 25, 15:30-17:30: topic TBA
  • May 2, 15:00-17:00: topic TBA
  • May 23, 12:30-14:30: topic TBA
  • June 14, 16:30-18:30: topic TBA
  • June 27, 08:30-10:30: Dialogue to Action: Breakfast meeting with the Executive Board

All sessions will take place at DesignLab. Keep an eye on our website for more information on this and future sessions.

Sustainability Dialogue in-depth session #1 Education for Climate and Sustainability