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Sustainability Dialogue

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Talking sustainability

Since sustainability and the climate crisis are evidently important topics for us all, the Executive Board, together with DesignLab, University Innovation Fellows and Green Hub Twente, would like to hear your opinions, ideas and experiences concerning them. We have witnessed that even though there are many parties that work hard and care a lot about sustainability on campus, they are not connected too well, nor do some groups feel heard enough. We want to provide a channel and conduit for a sincere, participative, and proactive conversation to take shape around this.

How would we like to do this? Well, by inviting all the important stakeholders and community members that have manifested interest in this subject in the past to a dialogue, and not just any type of dialogue. We are starting a new series called “UT Sustainability Dialogue”, where the aim is to have an event every month focusing on a specific theme based on the topics gathered during the first dialogue.

We can only do this together with you, so no matter what your current position at UT is, or where you stand in relation to it, we want to invite you to this first event of the series. In this way, we hope to provide a red thread that contributes towards UT’s sustainability as a university in transition. If you would like to join, please sign up through the link below.

Overview of all sessions

Date & time



February 8 2023, 16:30-18:00

DesignLab IDEATE

Kick-off session

April 6 2023, 15:45-17:45

DesignLab IDEATE

Education for Climate & Sustainability

April 25 2023, 15:45-17:45

DesignLab IDEATE

Research, Partnerships & Divestment

May 2 2023, 15:00-17:00

DesignLab IDEATE

Societal Impact & Behavioural Change

May 23 2023, 12:30-14:30


The Campus Metabolism 

June 14 2023, 16:30-18:30

DesignLab IDEATE

UT System Transformation 

June 27 2023, 08:30-10:30


Executive action breakfast meeting / roundup session


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Questions and feedback

Do you have any questions or feedback about this page or about the Sustainability Dialogue in general? Please send an email to sustainabilitydialogue@utwente.nl.