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Medical Devices Meetings Twente International machmaking event for the medical device industry

The meeting

Medical Devices Meetings Twente East-Netherlands is a specialty forum with an exclusive focus on the medical devices supply chain. MDM Twente East- Netherlands will bring together engineering, fabrication, supply chain teams, contract manufacturers and service providers through pre-arranged meetings.

MDM Twente East-Netherlands is not another exhibition. It offers a unique platform to identify all the participants prior to the event, request meetings with relevant contacts and meet them face-to-face during the forum.


12.30 - 13.00: Doors open, Registration & Coffee

We welcome you for to this afternoon of sharing knowledge, sharing experiences and networking with fellow medtech companies and entrepreneurs at the campus of the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands).

Exact location will follow. 

13.00 - 14.30: Plenary program - part 1
Remke Burie ir.
Managing director TechMed Centre

Welcome at the University of Twente - TechMed Centre

Remke Burie graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente (UT) where he specialized in biomedical mechanical engineering. He obtained his MBA at Tias Nimbas Business School in Tilburg. Since 2004, he works at the University of Twente where he contributed to the development of the unique Technical Medicine program, research programs within the MIRA Institute and he was department head of the Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM), a state-of-the-art simulation centre. Under his guidance the ECTM has grown significantly in size (0-1400m2) and users: from UT students and external course participants taking part in training programs, to a growing number of researchers and companies that are using the facilities as experimental test bed and for experiments with human subjects or end-users. Remke Burie is now managing director of the Technical Medical (TechMed) Centre of the University of Twente. The TechMed Centre is a leading innovation hub which includes the educational programs of Technical Medicine, Biomedical Engineering and Healthsciences, the ECTM facilities and te UT’s healthcare related research departments. 

Freerk Faber
Director WTC Twente

Introduction of the MedTech Cluster Twente by Freerk Faber, Director of WTC Twente.

Maarten Akkerman
VP Medical Affairs & Value-Based Healthcare EMEA

Keynote: Implementation of Value Based Healthcare, diabeter case example

Announced soon

Keynote: Innovation Through Collaboration

14.30 - 15.30: Break & Startup SLAMS

Are you a medtech startup looking for international connections? Join the startup-slams, pitch your innovations to a jury of business developers, investors and international matchmaker, and maybe you will win the prize of €1000,- sponsored by WTC Twente! 

All medtech startups can apply, startups in the fields of medical robotics, medical imaging, ab-on-a-chip/microfluidics and digital health will be awarded extra points by the reviewing committee. 

Admission fee to the conference will be waived for all accepted pitching startups. 

15.30 - 17.00: Parallel Interactive Sessions - part 1

Line-up track 1:

Prevention: how to organize sustainable regional initiatives?
Chair of Vitaal Twente

Bio: Prof. Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten is human movement scientist. She is head of research and innovation at ZiekenhuisGroep Twente, professor at the University of Twente on the chair Technology Supported Coaching and Training and chairman of the EIP on AHA reference site Vitaal Twente. Her work focuses on the development, evaluation and implementation of ICT supported services for diagnostics and treatment for older adults and people experiencing problems with the postural and movement system.  

This session will be about: The huge gap between the research & development and actual implementation of ICT supported health services in daily care practice. This gap is due to various topics like unawareness, insufficient knowledge, lack of time, difficult to choose, organizational issues, financing etc. These issues can only be solved by a multistakeholder regional approach.

Accelerating innovation through collaboration
Koen Smits
Sr. Account Manager at Sioux Embedded Systems B.V.

Bio: After his Master’s graduation in 1993, Koen gained experience as a technical software engineer, project leader and group leader in the semiconductors and medical R&D domain. In 2006 Koen joined Sioux as the Account and Sales Manager for the development of complete medical devices and medical related software and/or electronics applications.

This session will be about: Bringing innovations successful to the market. This is not evident. Start-ups often do not have bandwidth or the right competencies to do all by themselves. However, good cooperation can ensure that an innovation will appear on the market within a reasonable time. Koen Smits (Sioux) will give a presentation about how a successful collaboration has led to a new innovative product.


Using machine learning in medical devices
Ivo Everts Dr.

Bio: Ivo Everts holds a PhD in AI and has been working since as a consulting data scientist at GoDataDriven, where he founded the label, together with Kicky van Leeuwen. The mission of is to accelerate innovation in healthcare by evangelizing AI for medical technology. This has resulted in several collaborations with e.g. Siemens, OLVG & Catharina & UMCG hospitals, as well as several startups in the medtech space.

This talk will cover: several scenario's in which machine learning techniques have been implemented in healthcare and other industries. Moving forward, I will discuss how machine learning can, should and will play an increasingly important role for medical devices.

3D printing & MDR
Founder & Managing director Covartim

Bio: As a hands-on trilingual Mechanical Engineer with a passion for Life Sciences and Medical Devices, Kyun Thibaut has had the opportunity to work in various companies belonging to the most high-tech industries in the world. His career has brought him to various positions such as R&D Engineer, Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Product Development Manager, Program Manager. In 2016, driven by his passion for MedTech, he let go to his entrepreneurial spirit and launched COVARTIM, a Belgian engineering company 100% focused on Medical Devices.

This session: will highlight the upcoming changes induced by the MDR on 3D-printed and custom-made devices. The global approach to bring this kind of product on the market will be presented with practical cases.

MDR & Certification Pathways
Lisette van Steinvoren
Sr Project Manager MedTech

Lisette is a dedicated project manager with several years of experience in –medical- product development within both multinationals & SME’s. She is passionate about leading technical teams to create relevant, high quality products that meet both the regulatory and customer requirements. Lisette has a back ground in Applied Physics & Innovation Management from the University of Utrecht. She is Six Sigma Black Belt and IPMA-C certified. 

At Holland Innovative, she focusses on the development & market introduction of tangible technical Medical products that matter.


Quality Management Systems
Myriam Desmet
Director of Health Care & Medical Devices Consulting

This session is about: QA, RA, CA, BDM and global start-up strategy

Additive manufacturing in medtech
Angus Fitzpatrick
Project manager – Additive Manufacturing at the Fraunhofer Project Centre at the University of Twente

Production of implant-dies

About Valtronic: The challenge of integrating an increasing number of functionalities into always thinner and smaller implants requires the combination of several integration and packaging technologies. Standard processes frequently will not satisfy the need for the highest density packaging. Innovative miniaturization processes are paramount when it comes to developing head implants, pediatric applications or aiming at reducing traumatic surgeries. 

The session will include: We will present some of our custom integration processes developed amongst others for active implantable medical devices. Die stacking, processing of extremely thin dies as well as flip-chip technologies optimized for a large connection count at highest densities are technologies which enable significant size reductions over conventional technologies. We will present the design of an ultra-compact multi-die class III implant. Starting from a proof of concept that had the size of a sheet of paper, we used die stacking to integrate all required functionalities and provide electrical feedthrough connection in an extremely reduced volume. We ended up with a packaging no bigger than a one-cent coin.

17.00 - 17.15: Short break

After a short break with some refreshments, we continue the program.

17.15 - 18.30 Interactive Parallel sessions - part 2

Please choose from these three interactive sessions provided by Siemens Healthineers, DEMCON and Micronit:

AI & medical imaging
Bob Hamans Dr
Enterprise Services & Solutions Manager at Siemens Healthineers

Clinical validation of your medical innovation
Esther Spanjer-ter Braack Dr.
Clinical research specialist at DEMCON

This session will include:

  • Medical claim
  • What are the different types of clinical evidence?
  • Applying for a clinical trial: medical research ethics committee.
  • Investigational medical device dossier.
  • Performing a clinical trial: sponsor perspective.

Keynote: To be announced soon!
18.15 - 18.30: Best pitch award & wrap up
18.30 walking dinner at the TechMed Centre

Hosted by the TechMed Centre from the University of Twente.

Kindly sponsored by the Province of Overijssel.


DETAILED PROGRAM DAY 2 - Business to business meeting

Come join the B2B sessions and experience a highly efficient day of meeting fellow medtech companies/entrepreneurs of your choosing. Sign up as contractor (you wish to meet suppliers and industrial partners) or supplier (you wish to sell your expertise, products or services ), check the participants list and invite who you want to meet beforehand, we arrange the meeting locations and an efficient scheduling. We expect: 

  • 150 companies
  • 2500 btob meetings
  • 10 countries represented


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This event will be mainly organized by our partner World Trade Center - Hengelo. The role of the TechMed Centre is to co-determine the content such as the speakers and subjects.