What is the difference between registration and enrolment?

Registration and enrolment are two different courses of action. You register for a programme via Studielink. Subsequently there are several steps to be taken to prove your admissibility. Enrolment will take place after you have completed all of the steps of the enrolment procedure, of which the payment of the tuition fee is considered essential.

How can I apply for a programme at the University of Twente?

Through Studielink you can arrange an application at an institution of higher education in the Netherlands, this way you also register with DUO. It offers a single point of access for students to apply. If you want to study at the University of Twente, you must use Studielink.

How can I apply for a premaster?

It is not possible to apply directly for a pre-Master's programme. You put in an application for the Master's programme of your choice through Studielink. We will take your application under consideration and will then proceed to transfer it to a pre-Master's programme in case you are not eligible for a Master's programme.

What are the application deadlines?

The University of Twente employs different deadlines (Bachelor / Master) for application, depending on the programme of your choice, nationality and previous education.

Which documents do I need to submit?

The application questionnaire is depending on your nationality, country of your education and the Bachelor’s or Master’s programme of your choice. Therefore, the documents you need the upload may vary depending on the above-mentioned criteria. We have example documents provided on our website (Bachelor / Master).

Is it possible to hand in documents after the deadline?

The digital documents need to be uploaded before the application deadline. After the application deadline it is no longer possible to upload anything, your application will not be processed. There is another deadline for the submission of the requested certified photocopies. For all of the deadline please see our deadlines (Bachelor / Master).

I finished my application, when will I hear from you?

At the University of Twente we aim to inform you about your admissibility within two weeks after your application. This can take longer if your application is incomplete, or additional information is needed in order to make an informed decision about your chances of success here. Should this be the case we will contact you as soon as possible. If you wish to monitor the status of your application, please log in to Osiris and click on ‘progress’.

A Dutch student with a Dutch VWO Diploma will receive information about matching activities after they have applied via Studielink for a Bachelor’s programme. In addition, they will receive an email when they have to meet a certain admission requirements. For example if they have to meet the VWO Mathematics B requirement and the student has VWO Mathematics A. Furthermore, they will be informed about the enrolment via email at least one month before the start of the academic year.  

My application is “incomplete”. What do I need to do?

If your application is incomplete this means that one of the required documents is still missing. When you login to your application you can see which document(s) you still need to provide in order for your application to be completed.

What is matching?

Matching will help you determine whether or not this study programme is a good fit for you and if you have the motivation and study skills for the programme. Please check the matching information on the webpage of the progamme itself for more specific matching information.

What is the e-check?

As a prospective student, you can receive advice about your eligibility for our Master’s programmes by doing the eligibility check. This check takes about five minutes to complete and gives you an indication of your chances of being admitted to the master’s programme of your choice. The outcome of the eligibility check is a personal advice to you, it does not mean you are final admitted or rejected. After finishing the eligibility check we will send you an official e-check code needed to complete the application procedure. You can find a detailed list of admission requirements at each programme's page.

Who should I appoint as references?

This has to be somebody from the educational institute of your previous education. In addition, if references are required for your application, the question will be asked within the application questionnaire. If the question is not asked, then there are no references required but you may still upload the information/letter by ‘other documents’ within your application questionnaire.   

What should be mentioned in the motivation letter?

The motivation letter should at least contain your arguments why you should be considered for the programme of your choice. Please see the webpage of the programme for additional information.

Why is my application cancelled?

The reason for this as follows:

  1. The application deadline has passed. The University of Twente employs different deadlines (Bachelor / Master) for application, depending on the programme of your choice, nationality and previous education.
  2. You have submitted an application via Studielink but did not completed your application in our online application portal called Osiris. Please note that, should you not start up the admission procedure in Osiris and provide us with the necessary information, we will have to cancel your application after a month. However you can easily apply again and provide the information needed before the deadline (Bachelor / Master).
What is the impact of Brexit on my enrolment?

For British citizens, the Brexit may impact your enrolment at the University of Twente. For the latest information, we refer you the website of the Dutch government about the impact of Brexit on higher education and research and the rights of British citizens in the Netherlands.

I got accepted for two programmes but I only see one Offer of Admission?

When you are accepted to multiple programme’s your will receive multiple Offer of Admissions. When you log in to your Osiris account you will see the first offer of admission appear, you need to answer to this one first before you will see the second, or when applicable, the other offer of admissions. You can also accept more offer of admissions if you are still not sure which programme you want to follow. Do not worry because the offer of admission is not binding, you can still withdraw your application if you want to.

Can I apply for more programmes at once?

You can apply for multiple programmes if you want to. However, you have to follow the application procedure separately for every programme.

Can I only apply after I graduated?

You can apply even though you have not yet completed your diploma/degree. We will ask for your exam date and for your most recent transcript of records. Please know you can only apply if you will pass your diploma/degree before the start of the academic year.

I want to make changes in my personal details in my online application, how can I do this?

All personal, address and/or contact details needs te be changed via your Studielink account, it is not possible to make any changes in the online application form in the Osiris application. After we have verified your personal details, it is not possible to change them anymore. Your personal details will be verified based on your identity document (ID-card/passport) according to Dutch law. However, you can always change your address and/or contact details. 

I will pass my diploma/degree in the month September and want to start my studies on 1 September? I will pass my diploma/degree in the month February and want to start my studies on 1 February?

If you are going to pass during the months September/February, depending on the intake moments, please contact us via Student Services and explain your situation.

Admission requirements

What are the language requirements of the University of Twente?

Students applying for an English/Dutch taught UT programme are required to prove command of the English/Dutch language. There are different Bachelor's and Master's language requirements, exemptions are also mentioned on the different websites (other exemptions will not be made). You have to meet the language requirements before the application deadline (Bachelor / Master). Therefore, we cannot process your application without a valid certificate. Please note: the requirements when applying for fellowships may vary according to the regulations of the fellowship provider.

What are the admission requirements of the University of Twente?

There are different Bachelor's and Master's admission requirements.

Certified photocopies

What is the intention of the requested certified photocopies and which authority can certify my documents?

During your admission process at the University of Twente, we request you for certified photocopies after you have received your (conditional) admission letter. The University of Twente request certified photocopies to counter fraud. Be aware to send in the certified photocopies before the deadline (Bachelor / Master). A certified photocopy is a regular photocopy of the original document that has an original stamp, signature and date (on all pages) placed by an authorized institution. By stamping and singing the certified photocopy, the authority confirms that it has seen and approved the primary document. 

The conditions of the certified photocopies are:

  1. The certified photocopy must show all details of the primary document;
  2. The certified photocopy must have readable test, visible images and the full size of the paper;
  3. All pages, front and back of each page in the correct order of the primary document;
  4. Each page needs an official stamp and signature from the endorsing authority. The official stamp and signature can be from a notary or educational institute.

There are three options to get your photocopies certified:

  1. Your previous educational institution. Normally you can request a certified photocopy from the authority who provided you with the original document.
  2. Notary. You can request a certified photocopy from a recognized notary, notarized document includes a notary stamp/certificate.
  3. The Student Service Desk from the University of Twente can provide certification as service for you. You will be asked to provide your original documents (diploma and transcript of records), regular photocopies of the documents and your ID-card/passport, after which certified copies will be made free of charge. Be aware Student Services will not make any regular photocopies. You can have regular photocopies made at the Union Shop (Bastille building) or at the Xerox Service Point (Carré building).

Do never hand or send in your original documents. Documents send in cannot be returned to you and received documents at the University of Twente are from that point in possession of the University of Twente. 

Which documents need to be translated and who is allowed to do this?

In case the diploma and transcript of records are written in a language other than English or Dutch, we also need a certified translation of both documents. The translation has to be done by an official translator or your educational institution.

Where can I hand/send in my certified photocopies?

Your application has to be completed in the online application form so please upload all the requested documents in the application form. If we require certified hardcopies of your documents you will be informed about this via email.

In that case you can hand in your certified photocopies at the desk of Student Services (Vrijhof 239B) or send them to:

University of Twente
Student Services - Admission
Drienerlolaan 5                             
7522 NB Enschede, The Netherlands

I have hand/send in my documents, how do I know that you received them?

As soon as the University of Twente has processed your documents you will be informed via email. Be aware that it could take a couple of days between receiving and processing your documents.

What is a graduation statement?

When you have finished your diploma/degree but you still have to wait on the official certificate you can send in a graduation statement. A graduation statement may also be known as a provisional or temporary certificate.

A graduation statement is an original letter issued after you are officially graduated, on official stationery containing at least the following data:

  • Full name of the graduate, date and place of birth;
  • Obtained title and programme;
  • Official graduation date (please note that this date should be before the start of the academic year;
  • Signature and title of the authorized person of the graduation institute.

We do not accept a graduation statement with a graduation date in the future. For example “student Adam Smith is in his final semester and will be graduating on 22 July 2019” with the issue date of 1 June 2019. 

Please hand/send in the original graduation statement, we do not accept a (certified) photocopy of the graduation statement. Attached to the graduation statement we need a certified photocopy of your final transcript of records in the original language and when this is not English/Dutch an official translation in English/Dutch.

We will accept your graduation statement for the first enrolment. Nevertheless, you have to send in a certified photocopy of your final diploma/degree after you received it during your first year of study. If you do not hand in a certified photocopy of your final diploma/degree, you cannot de-enrol, re-enrol for the next year or receive your University of Twenty’s degree.

Below is an example of the University of Twenty’s graduation statement. The document is an institutions document so this may vary concerning the layout depending on your institution.