Intake moments at the University of Twente

Intake moments ( february intake (pre)masters)

The University of Twente has only a few intake moments:

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to enrol for a (pre-)Master at 1 February please first contact the relating study adviser and ask if this programme has a manageable study programme at 1 February.

Click here for the list of names from the study advisers.

This means that it is even more important for you as a student to finish your (re)enrolment and payment of the tuition fee on time. When your (re)enrolment is not arranged before 31 January 2022, unfortunately we can’t enrol you per 1 February 2022. The next enrolment date will be1 September 2022.


Application deadlines:

The Bachelor-before-Master rule

What is the Bachelor-before-Master rule? This means that you can only start a Master’s programme after you have passed the complete Bachelor’s programme. If you have not competed your Bachelor yet, you are not allowed to follow any Master courses.

More information?

Ask your study adviser for more information about the Bachelor-before-Master rule.