With a double degree, you can combine Technical Computer Science with Applied Mathematics

If you are looking for an extra challenge and you want to deepen your knowledge of Technical Computer Science as well as of Mathematics, then a double degree is an option. This involves completing two bachelor’s at the same time. During each module, you take more subjects than single-programme students do, gaining an extra 40 EC in three years.  After successfully completing the Technical Computer Science and Applied Mathematics double degree, you will receive two BSc diplomas from the University of Twente. 

A demanding combined study programme

In order to succeed in the double degree programme, it is important that you scored well in secondary school, with an average mark of 8 out of 10, and an 8 or higher for mathematics.  

If you are interested in the double degree, we invite you to contact us, so that we can arrange an interview. That way, we can explore together whether you have the talent, ambition, motivation and independence that is necessary to see this demanding programme through.

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