Florentina from Romania

NAME: Florentina
PROGRAMME: Business Information Technology (MSc)

Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again. 

Hi! My name is Flori and I have a Bachelor Degree in Economic Cybernetics after studying three years at the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics in Bucharest, Romania.  For me being here is a dream that came true after years of hard working.

I am currently following the Business Information Technology master programme at the University of Twente.  My determination to study is sustained by two important pillars. The first one is represented by my entrepreneurial spirit and the second one refers to my passion for business.

Why an international experience ?

My first answer would be “Why not?”. But I must be honest and tell you that are more facts that helped me taking this decision.  The most important for me was the passion for travelling, for reaching new places and experiencing new cultures. Another important fact was improving myself by living far from my home, from the life that I have been used to and developing my own view than simply accepting the one defined by my culture. Moreover, I got to be exposed to a new way of teaching, which helped me improve my way of learning. I truly believe that studying abroad is an unforgettable experience providing you a global mindset and friends from all over the world.  It’s new, it’s awesome, it’s life changing.

Why University of Twente?

Firstly, I was interested about studying in The Netherlands because of the education system. After looking for the master programmes that I was interested in, I made my mind so easily when I have seen their courses. Moreover, the university provides a lot of opportunities in research, personal development, and the most important for me in entrepreneurship.

I was really impressed reading articles about this university, watching videos from here, but when I actually arrived my expectations were much lower than the reality. I was amazed by the arhitecture of the buildings, by the technology, by their ways to protect the environment. After three weeks here, I still don’t know all the buildings from the campus.

How is life in Enschede?

I have found here the most beautiful city, where everybody rides bikes. I could never imagine myself choosing the bike over walking by foot, but now I found myself enjoying it. The streets are amazing and there are a lot of parks where you can go and have a picnic or just enjoy reading a good book.  Moreover, the people are very kind and helpful and you can easily make new friends.

 Whatever your passion is, you can be sure that you will find here the perfect place to fit it.

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Do you have a question for Florentina? Contact her via our dedicated Romanian Facebook page. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our Romanian web page.

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