Ioana from Romania

NAME: ioana
PROGRAMME: psychology (bSc)

Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again. 


I am Ioana, and I am a second year BSc student at the University of Twente. I currently study Psychology (BSc), and I am also following the Processes of Change track of the Honours programme. I am an empathic person, but also a rational thinker. I like the clarity given by planning, quality information and a good structure. Simultaneously, I have a natural curiosity towards people and the relationships between them. I believe that this makes me a good learner.

Why an international experience ?

I genuinely believe that living abroad is about discovering yourself. Yes, a new country is exciting because there are new places and people to discover. However, what I find the most fascinating is how you get to see yourself from another perspective and start to question your previous sets of beliefs.

For me, to study abroad was the only option. I already finished a Bachelor programme in Romania, but I felt like something is missing. I realized that I have to do something that I wanted before, but I had not enough courage for it. So, I decided to study abroad, not only for the study programme here but more to have the experience of exploring a new world and discovering myself through it. 

Why University of Twente?

For me, the University of Twente was a perfect match. I wanted to study psychology, but I also wanted to be in touch with innovations in technology. Because our university has this unique psychology programme which is mixed with technology, there was no doubt that this is what I want to study.

Becoming a student here, besides my regular study programme, I discovered a high-tech entrepreneurial environment, in which each student can learn and grow, professionally and personally. There are great opportunities for research, alternative study programmes like the Honours Programme, and various workshops, all available for students oriented to develop themselves. Besides, the campus is impressive, and all his facilities are there to make the student life more enjoyable.

How is life in Enschede?

I find Enschede being a lovely city. What I like most are the houses and how people decorate their windows and the gardens. I think the right term for this is the Dutch word "gezellig." Also, people here are friendly and relaxed. For a student, it may seem a pretty quiet city, especially if you came from a crowded city as I used to live. However, Enschede has all the facilities someone needs, a city centre with a lot of lovely coffee places and restaurants, shops, cinema, bowling, pools, parks and so on.

Moreover, one of the best aspects is that you can use a bike to travel through the city, which is healthy, and also cheap. As a fun fact, I learned how to ride a bike after I came here. So, it is never too late to make a positive change in your life. 

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Do you have a question for Ioana? Contact her via our dedicated Romanian Facebook page. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our Romanian web page.

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