Akash from India

Name: akash
Country of origin: India
Programme: Biomedical Engineering (MSc)

The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can. 

Hello! My name is Akash Basu and I’m a Biomedical Engineer from India. I obtained my degree from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka, India. I’m from Pune, a cosy and comfortable city that is surrounded by hills in the state of Maharashtra. I started living the life of my dreams the day I received an admission letter from University of Twente. The Netherlands has always been one of the places I have wanted to explore and this took me one step closer to my dreams. 

I am currently a First Year Masters student of Biomedical Engineering. Being born into a family consisting of solely doctors, I was always an odd apple. Although I enjoyed the medical sciences I have always had a strong love towards numbers and mathematics. In India people either do an engineering course or become a doctor but I wanted something more, something out of the box so I decided why not merge the two fields altogether! That’s when I landed into the beautiful world of biomedical engineering and all its endless possibilities.

Why University of Twente?

I have always been a unique individual when it comes to academia. I strongly believe that one should pursue something if and only if they are passionate about it , no matter how vague and unorthodox it may seem to be. As an inquisitive student I was always interested in bridging the gap between medicine and engineering. I found that The Netherlands was best suited for this  kind of work due to their great  infrastructure, resources and above all a strong research based approach. Along with this an extra search year  is also allowed in the Netherlands which made it even better to study here, I was determined to apply to only two colleges in the Netherlands. The course that best fit my requirements and areas of interest was being offered by this University, where state of the art technologies were being explored to bolster currently available technologies and a strong entrepreneurial environment allows more students to incubate, nurture and expand their start-up projects and Ideas. 

Specialization Biorobotics

My specialization track within Biomedical Engineering is Biorobotics. I have always been interested in the area of Biomechanics and Cardiovascular Interventions and Technologies. This track gives me the freedom to discover the latest technology that is being used and apply myself to solve real time problems in treating cardio vascular ailments as well as neural motor systems, gait analysis and exoskeletons. I have already learnt a lot during this course, and my choices have opened up new avenues of knowledge and learning, which is what I am here for. I believe that Technology is the next step in human evolution and the University provides an optimum environment for me to explore this motto every day in multiple ways.

The Enschede experience

Enschede is a small city that is located 40 kms from the German border in the south east region of The Netherlands. A cosy and quiet place, this is home to a number of international as well as Dutch students due to the University of Twente and Saxion School of sciences. I live in a student accommodation on campus, but the city is only a few minutes away. Therefore, it is easier for me to get to early morning classes but grabbing some ice cream from Vanderpoel  or a drink at Aspen valley in the city is also just as easy! I would like to believe that I really have the best of both worlds. Everyone says Dutch people tend to be a bit direct but they are one of the most kind and helpful people as well. Unlike where I come from, even strangers smile at you while you are rushing to class, and if that is not an insight into how wonderful the people here are, I do not know what is. The transition from India to Enschede could not have been  smoother because of the overall atmosphere of this place, the people and their absolute warmness. Even though I have been here for only for a few weeks I already feel like I am home, and who knows maybe I may just end up calling this place home someday!!


Do you have a question for Akash? Contact him via our dedicated Facebook page for India. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our India web page.

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