Maja from Germany

Name: maja
Country of origin: Germany
Programme: International Business Administration (bsc)

My name is Maja, I am 20 years old and I am currently in my second year of International Business Administration. I originally come from Ahaus which is very close to the border which made the decision to start at the University of Twente very easy for me. Furthermore the University offers me the opportunity to acquire a deep knowledge about the different nationalities and cultures we have in the world due to the high amount of international students. 

"What I really like about the University of Twente is the unique campus and the unlimited possibilities of developing myself inside and outside my study."

I will maintain the German portal on Facebook and answer any question in English and German of course. I am looking forward to answer all questions or chat with you. I can assist you with general questions about the living situation and student life, as well as study specific questions for every program.

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