Juli from Germany

Name: Juli
Country of origin: Germany
Programme: Business Administration (MSc)


 My name is Juli,  I am 25 years old and follow the Master program in Business Administration. I already accomplished my bachelor program in the northern part of the Netherlands, and decided to stay here but go the University of Twente in Enschede, to round off my studies with a Master. 

I really liked the international aspect and the variety of different opportunities at Twente University. You can reach any goal you want, as long as you take advantage of the opportunities which are offered on campus.

"The different style of teaching and communicating is a big advantage for me, compared to my home country Germany."

I will maintain the German portal on Facebook and answer any question in English and German of course. I am looking forward to answer all questions or chat with you. I can assist you with general questions about the living situation and student life, as well as study specific questions for every program.

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