Zhanxu Liu & Cynthia Chen from China


Zhanxu Liu

Country of origin: China
Programme: Biomedical Engineering

Good choice is better than hard effort. 

It was not a surprise for me to choose the Netherlands as the place I would have my master because within Europe there is no such country energetic like the Netherlands. As many master students, I worked for a year after my bachelor graduation. And I realized it was quite necessary to have a specialization course to further my career. So I started searching for universities all over the world.

Why Netherlands?

The cost of study and living take first priority since I can afford the expensive cost Studying in country like America and Britain. Secondly It would be convenient for me if I can use only English during my study. So It wasn’t difficult for me to choose Netherlands, A country with more than 80% people speaking English and relatively low cost. Other than these, the employment rate in Netherlands is 2nd highest in Europe. So it would be huge boost for someone who’s looking for overseas working experience.


University of Twente is one of the 3 best technical university in Netherlands.For an Engineering student, it would be easy to make a choice. What also caught my attention was that University of Twente’s distinct education mode: Study for solution. And different from other university, University of Twente has established long-term cooperation with industrial circles which would provides students with abundant chances to get the hold of the according industry.


University of Twente focuses on its slogan “High Tech, Human Touch”. From what I have perceived from the course, the solution for practical problem has the priority over anything. As a biomedical engineering student, I have to learn how to conduct a real project and always have to seek for the optimum alternative for the experiment.

Cynthia Chen

Country of origin: China
Programme: Communication Studies

Life here can be so interesting if you have a mind of curiosity and dare to explore. 

Hey there! I am Cynthia Chen from Nanjing, China, currently a student of the master programme Communication Studies at the University of Twente. Before coming to UT, I finished the undergraduate programme International Communication Management in The Hague University of Applied Sciences, including an exchange to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Apart from my bachelor study, I had internship/working experience in an international organisation and several start-up companies in the Netherlands. Speaking of hobbies, I have my passion in travelling, photography, pole dancing, playing LangRenSha and going to live metal festivals. I enjoy living in the present and living to the fullest.

Why Twente?

Based on my working experience I realised that the way I tackle problems was limited and I needed to expand my thinking domain. So I think doing a master programme could be a good choice. After comparing different (and limited) programmes in communication studies in the Netherlands, I chose the one of UT because it leads to an MSc degree -  is intrigues me that communication studies can actually be treated as a type of science, which is different from the practical viewpoint I hold before.

Also, UT is an outstanding choice because it is the only Dutch University that is rated 5-star by QS World Universities Ranking (2017). It means that UT developed very well to score high in these 10 areas: research, teaching, employability, internationalisation, facilities, online/distance learning, social responsibility, innovation, arts & culture, inclusiveness.

In addition, I am pretty much in favour of the spirit of UT – evoke your curiosity - which is expressed in one of the corporate videos. Indeed, attending a bachelor or master programme is never about thinking how to pass exams, but thinking how to design a better society with creative problem-solving skills.

Student life in Twente

In my free time, I workout at the campus gym a lot and I join the group session of pole dancing offered by the sports centre. Pole dancing is really a sport that can boost your confidence and I am so happy that I learn that by simply holding a union/campus card of UT. Another fun part of living on campus is that you are close to the coolest student parties! Theme parties such as the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them (really nice to Harry Potter fans!) were so special because they were held right beside the woods on campus.

Over the weekends, I’d like to explore the Twente area with my friends. Visiting a middle-aged style owl park in the outskirt of Enschede; lying on the lake beach at Enschede’s recreational area Rutbeek; having a tour in a cow farm outside the city; cycling on the special flamingo route that crossed the border of NL & Germany; going on an excursion to t beautiful artistic town Ootmarsum in northern Twente etc. etc. – life here can be so interesting if you have a mind of curiosity and dare to explore!

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