Alan from the Arab World Region

Name: Alan
Country of origin: Arab World (Egypt)
Programme: Creative Technology (BSc)

Enschede is home to a significantly extensive student population that is constantly on the rise, especially concerning international students. 

Hello! I am Alan, a bachelors student originating from Cairo, Egypt. Currently, I am undertaking the Creative Technology program in Enschede, which is founded upon an amalgamation of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. Moreover, I am fluent in four languages and some of my preferred hobbies include travelling and spending quality time with family and friends. While attending university, I have had the utmost pleasure of meeting a plethora of wonderful people from all four corners of the globe; forming long-lasting connections and friendships along the way. In terms of responsibilities, I am in charge of moderating the Facebook page for prospective students from the Middle East wishing to apply to the UT.

Why the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is an exemplary choice when it comes to pursuing a higher education. This statement is based on a variety of reasons which would appeal to an international student. For example, pretty much all Dutch natives are completely fluent in English, regardless of your regional location in the country. This helps tremendously in terms of communication on a daily basis. In addition, the Netherlands is renowned for being a pioneer of innovative industries and a leader on the forefront of global evolution; in spite of being such a small country. Furthermore, the sheer amount of ethnic diversity provides for a melting pot of culture and tradition, ensuring no one is left out. Lastly, being a member of the European Union, endless possibilities exist for simple and efficient international travel; meaning one can easily exploit the opportunity to vacation on the Mediterranean visa-free.

Why Enschede?

Enschede is a quaint student city located on the Dutch border with Germany. The city offers a cozy atmosphere of familiarity, while maintaining the appeal of livelihood. The center is formed around a delightful church with a plenitude of bars, cafes, and restaurants scattered around the perimeter. Being that the city is not too large, all points of interest are found within close proximity of one another. Besides, the city offers picturesque scenery of vegetation and natural landscapes with parks and forests littered throughout. Lastly, Enschede is home to a significantly extensive student population that is constantly on the rise, especially concerning international students.  

Why study at the University of Twente?

The University of Twente is a formidable choice in regards to the pursuit of a degree program. This is because the establishment offers the only truly campus-style university in the entirety of the Netherlands, situated on a beautiful terrain of greenery and lakes. Additionally, the highly esteemed institution features state-of-the-art facilities incorporating breakthrough technologies. Whether it involves the lecture halls, sportcentrum, or accommodation, the premises are undoubtedly impressive. Also, the opportunity to delve into extracurricular activities is utterly immense since there is an association for practically all fields of interest. Whether it involves building a solar car and racing it in Australia annually, taking up rock climbing, or scuba diving, the UT surely has something to offer. In addition, the university is constantly ranked as the best and most entrepreneurial technical university of the Netherlands. This is thanks to the development of over 1,000 start-up companies originating on campus. Conclusively, if you are a proactive and motivated individual, then the University of Twente is most definitely the right place for you!

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Do you have a question for Alan? Contact him via our dedicated Facebook page for the Arab World region. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our Arab World web page.

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