Carolina Vallandares Pasque

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Carolina Valladares Pasquel got her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in Ecuador. She decided to do the Master’s in Public Administration because she has always been interested in learning how the state processes society’s demands for designing public policies. She sees a challenge in the process of making policy responsive with people.

As a sociologist, I wanted to learn about the discussions that are being held on the side of the State and public issues, to delve into the society-State relationship. New for me is the emphasised role of the market in public administration. I don’t know if this market perspective is a trend in the region, but I think that the possibility of comparing different perspectives allows you to support your ideas with better arguments and can also be used in the south global countries.

Carolina sees a challenge in the process of making policy responsive with people.

I chose the University of Twente because it has some interesting specialisations in Public Administration and I love the facilities here. Twente is among the best universities in the country, and the campus facilities are awesome, suitable for really focusing on studying and also for enjoying free time.

I want to keep contributing to show the hidden costs of the interwoven relations of power in environmental issues. I hope to continue doing this on researches in the fieldwork, which I think is the best ‘university’. However, maybe I would consider studying for a PhD to combine theory and practice.

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