After your Master’s

On completing this programme, you will receive a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Public Administration. With this degree, you will have a thorough understanding of decision-making in the complex networks of public and private organisations and of the collective action needed to meet public administration challenges.

Your expertise will include different fields and competencies. For example, you will be able to:

  • Analyse the nature and causes of social problems;
  • Understand interests and values of various stakeholders;
  • Design solutions that work for a diversity of stakeholders as well as meeting the demands of democratic legitimacy;
  • Think systematically about organisation and implementation.

Career perspectives

Despite government cutbacks in many parts of the world, career opportunities for graduates in Public Administration remain promising. Many public and private organisations are keen on finding talented people equipped to tackle complex public problems and successfully implement and manage new policies.

This Master’s programme provides an excellent springboard to a wide range of careers:

  • Some 30% of our graduates become civil servants with a national or international government body, for instance the European Union;
  • Around 40% find jobs in private organisations with links to the public sector, for example as a researcher or consultant;
  • Another 30% find employment in areas such as healthcare, education, labour relations, insurance, charity or housing.

The PA Master’s programme also provides an ideal basis for obtaining a PhD in the Netherlands or abroad.

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