After you graduate

Upon successful completion of this Master's programme you will be qualified to continue to PhD level, either in the Netherlands or abroad. If you choose to pursue a professional career instead, you will be well equipped to take up jobs in the private or (semi-)public sector. You could decide to start your own company in the geo business. If after graduating you return to your pre-study career, you will be even more of an asset to your employer than before. 

Your Master’s degree will unlock a wealth of career opportunities. Depending on the profile you develop − and your personal interests, obviously − you’ll have many options to choose from. To illustrate, here are some examples of what ITC alumni ended up doing professionally.

ITC alumni, a worldwide network

It may be one, 10 or even 60 years since they left, but ITC’s former students still have a strong bond with the faculty ITC, the University of Twente, Enschede, and the Netherlands, and still keep in touch with ITC and friends from their student days.

ITC alumni belong to a worldwide community of over 20,000 individuals, who together form an extensive network of international contacts, a network that includes United Nations organizations, universities, research groups, resources survey and map production services, and various international professional associations.

More information about the ITC alumni network.

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