The environmental and energy management programme has three main parts. First, there is a period with course work of about 21 weeks. Second, there is a case study period of about 8 weeks, and finally a research project of about 16 weeks. Research project preparations already start during the course work period in the course ‘Academic Research skills’ for which, amongst other, students need to write the proposal for their final research project.

The course work can be categorised around three main themes:

  • Management (business administration)
  • Governance and Law
  • Technology (mainly in a contextual sense)

Next to the courses on the three themes, courses or course elements are included that are more integrative in nature, and also workshops / courses concerned with academic research and professional skills. In general, there are many interlinks between courses.

The course list is given in the table below. The programme has a size of 60 European Credits (EC).


Overview of the courses.

The course work period is common for all students. After this, for the case studies and research project, students choose a specialisation: Environmental Management, Energy Management or Water Governance.

 Next, students enter the case study period. In this period students work on projects that are either taken from or are based on real life situations. Additionally, students start or continue the preparation of their research proposal with their tutor. 

Finally, students enter the research project which is a period of approximately four months (23 EC). This project can be executed either at the university or at an external host organisation. Students also have the opportunity to do their final research project abroad. The decision usually depends on the future career plans of the students. Both the preparation and execution phase are supervised.

The programme has a certain degree of flexibility in execution, to match the timetables of both students and lecturers.

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