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Three periods: courses, case studies, graduation thesis

The programme includes lectures, group discussions, group work, site visits, case project and a Master thesis. Assessments are based on exams, assignments, project reports and the Master thesis. The programme offers students the possibility to specialise in three directions: Environmental Management, Water Management or Energy Management.

The one-year Master’s programme Environmental and Energy Management is divided into three periods.

Specialise in one of the three domains of sustainability

One of the benefits of taking this Master’s is that it offers you the opportunity to gain leading-edge expertise in one of three crucial domains in the wider realm of environment, energy and water, such as on issues of climate change mitigation & adaptation, resilience and circular economy in urban and rural (‘rurban’) areas. Many of our students enter the programme knowing which track they want to pursue. Others choose during the programme, or remain interested in all three, combining them in their thesis.

The specialisation you choose will be explicitly mentioned in your Master of Science diploma supplement. Employers in government, industry and NGOs will attach a lot of value to your specialised expertise. At the same time, the MEEM programme has been designed to ensure that you develop solid expertise in the other areas of specialisation as well. The vision behind this is that all of these areas are increasingly interconnected.

  • Environmental Management

    The Environmental Management specialization comes with a focus on circular & social entrepreneurship towards Sustainable Development Goals and teaches you:

    • To understand the problems and challenges involved in the greening of industry strategies regarding the environmental and social sustainability;
    • To analyse the management strategies at different scales (firm, supply chain, sector and region) towards a more socially inclusive (stakeholders engagement) and greener industry;
    • To design environmental and socially inclusive management systems that cope with the industrial challenges of delivering sustainable products and services;
    • To manage the greening of industry transition by engaging systematically the relevant stakeholders and by implementing the adequate sustainable management strategy. 
  • Energy Management

    The Energy Management specialization comes with a focus on the energy transition and climate change mitigation towards Sustainable Development Goals and teaches you:

    • To understand the problems and challenges involved in the transition to sustainable energy supply at different scales (market, region, community or organization);
    • To analyse energy supply chains at different scales in their transitional problems and needs;
    • To design adequate sustainable solutions for sustainable energy supply at different scales;
    • To manage the transition to sustainable energy supply at a different scale.
  • Water Management

    The Water Management specialization comes with a focus on resilience and climate change adaptation towards Sustainable Development Goals and teaches you:

    • To understand the problems and challenges involved in reaching out for sustainable water resources and safe and affordable water supply (such as pollution, droughts, floods, salinization, soil subsidence, increased water demand, infrastructure and governance).
    • To analyse the governance of water systems and water supply services and to assess the potential for improvement, the potential for innovation and restricting and supportive conditions.
    • To design options for improvement, based on promising key concepts, design approaches and design principles in water governance, applying multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral perspectives, focussing on strategies, plans, measures and instruments.
    • To manage the implementation of strategies, plans, measures and instruments and continuation of good water governance.

Examples of graduation thesis topics

The topics our students deal with in their graduation theses are a good indicator of both the depth of knowledge you will acquire in this programme and the breadth of application areas. For examples look in the essay library.

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